What Causes Acne Scars?

Acne is something that troubles lots of people. What is worse, acne can cause scars which can last forever if they cause too much damage on the skin. What causes acne scars? Are there any ways to avoid them, and heal them? We are going to discuss these topics and try to help you out as much as possible into avoiding acne scars from happening.

Firstly, to discuss what causes acne we have to first understand how acne works. Acne is the clogging of a pore, or multiple pores, in the skin. When the clogged pored becomes filled with pus or sebum and becomes infected, most people react by popping these pimples. This is probably the main cause behind acne scars, since you are damaging the skin in a way that will heal but not as smoothly, leaving a mark which will probably remain until taken care off. In most cases, acne scars cannot be healed completely, but it depends heavily on the type of skin you have, the type of acne scar and how deep the scar is.

Another thing which causes acne scars is the pimple itself and the inflammation that comes from acne. This inflammation or swelling caused by acne and infection can cause ruptures near the surface of the skin. More serious problems are caused when this ruptures occur in deeper areas of the skin. When the body is ready to heal and deal with these ruptures, it will begin the reparation of the skin, but this healing process can be done while an excessive production of collagen occurs, which causes scars. It all comes down to our body mistakenly trying to heal our skin injuries, but the fact that the injury was caused by acne (or external factors) is unchangeable.

Cystic acne, and severe causes of acne and inflammation are probably the most common cause of acne scars along popping and injuring your skin, so being careful is a wise thing to do.

How to avoid acne scars.

To avoid acne scars from happening you should follow these steps.

  • Try to act as soon as you have an acne breakout. This is important since dealing with the main source of the problem is far wiser than let it get worse as the time passes by. Use an over-the-counter skin-care product, supplementation or soap then follow the steps thoroughly and consistently.
  • Reduce inflammation as soon as possible. Inflammation is the one causing damage to your skin (and cystic acne) and this should be dealt with before is too late. You can use home-made masks or simply use warm cloth or ice covered in cloths to reduce inflammation.
  • As we mentioned already, don’t mess with your skin, pimples and inflamed areas. Do not harm your own skin if you want to avoid scars from happening. In fact, this is the most common cause of acne scars among people. We can’t emphasize how important this step is…
  • Understand your type of skin and avoid breakouts by using the right products, diet and methods.

Hope our article answers your question, “what causes acne scars?”. Hope it helps a lot.