What Causes Acne Around the Mouth?

We know that acne is propense to appear in the face, but the place where it appears can vary depending on some factors, thus: What causes acne around the mouth?  There are several reasons behind this kind of breakout, and of course, ways to deal with it. If you want to know more about this condition, keep on reading!


Firstly, if you suffer from acne around the mouth and you use cosmetic products on a regular basis, you may need to change the type of product you are using. Pretty regularly, acne around the mouth is attributed to allergic reactions to cosmetic products, or wrong usage of it (An example is excessive amount of make-up around the area of the mouth)

This can, also, be caused by acidic or oily food residues left without cleaning around the mouth. This leads to an obstruction of the pores, thus infection, then acne. We recommend you to practice cleaning your face after eating oily-acidic food such as fried food or food containing high levels of acidity, like lemon or vinegar.

Also, it can be attributed to other two things. The breakout is also heavily related to stress, hormonal problems and other health conditions. If you feel that your acne around the mouth is quite constant and does not disappear as the time passes or with treatment, seek professional health. You may need special medication.

How to deal with it.

If you are the type to use cosmetic products often, like make-up, and suffer from acne around the mouth, maybe changing brands will do the trick. Perhaps you are having an allergic reaction to the product you are using, so researching what kind of ingredients were used to make the product will give you a hint about what to buy or not. Doing an online research about specific products and other’s experiences can also help you.

Another thing to avoid doing is sleeping with make-up on your face. This will surely lead to an acne breakout since it will not only obstruct the pores and cause possible infection (and pimples), but dry your skin in the long-run, decreasing your overall skin health. Dried skin can cause other severe effects so we greatly recommend you to avoid doing this, or at least, not so often.

In regards of food intake, being careful can be enough. To understand how food residue can lead to acne, we will explain how acne works. The pores in the skin become obstructed due excessive oil production from sebaceous glands. This, along debris like dirt and dead skin cells obstruct the pores, and infection by bacteria is caused. Food residue works like an excessive amount of oil would, obstructing the pores and causing infection. Oily food tends to leave residues in the form of a shiny skin, and acydic food tends to causes inflammation.

Taking the habit of cleaning your face on a daily basis can avoid this from happening. To get rid of the acne around your mouth, using hand-made mixtures or skin care products would usually be enough. If you are suffering from a severe case of acne, do visit a medic to seek help and find possible solutions!

Thanks for reading! Hope this article has helped you with the question, “what causes acne around the mouth?”.