Does Drinking Water Help Acne?

So the question is, does drinking water help acne?  This question is quite common among people, along with those wondering whether lemon water helps acne or not.

Truth is, drinking water can help with acne, but only if what’s causing acne is a certain type of problem related to your stomach and how it deals with nutrients, minerals, vitamins and proteins, along toxins.

Acne can be caused by several factors with the most common one being hormonal unbalances which makes our sebaceous glands produce way more oil than necessary. When it comes down to this, our pores get clogged and infection happens.

This is the cause behind acne and why our face gets pimples and inflammation as a reaction. With this said, even though the most common cause of acne is a hormonal problem, there are other factors which may increase our chances to develop acne. Having a poor facial hygiene or having some habits like touching our face constantly can increase the risk of us suffering from acne, even more if we are already prone to it, but… There is another factor which can cause acne and that is diet and our own system.

If we have a weak digestive system incapable of dealing with certain types of food, people can suffer from acne as a response. This a sign that we indeed ate something that our body couldn’t handle properly and that we should quite eating or consuming that certain thing as a countermeasure.

With this said, this can happen even if our body can handle food properly. Sugary and oily food can make us produce more oil. Nuts, certain types of sea food can cause acne like this, too.

Drinking Water Can Help Acne

By drinking water, we not only improve our skin’s health, making it smoother and less prone to suffering from acne, but we also make our stomach work way better. Keeping our body hydrated can be proven to be one of the best things you can to keep yourself healthy. When it comes to acne, water can help us get rid of those vitamins, proteins, minerals and toxins that are dwelling around our body as it tries to release them for our organism.

With this said, drinking lots of water alone won’t magically cure you from acne. It will only reduce the chances of you suffering from acne. It’s not likely that drinking water alone will also cure a case of acne if you are already suffering from it. Drinking plenty of water is only one of many countermeasures one can do to avoid acne breakouts from happening, and most of these countermeasures are not certain and work differently from each individual since all bodies are differ from one another.

With this said, there are other things you can try out along drinking water to increase the likelihood of you not suffering from acne, including:

  • Reducing your stress levels by doing exercises
  • Managing what you eat
  • Using skin-care products meant to avoid or deal with acne breakouts
  • If your problem is more severe, try supplements or acne vitamins
  • Take care of your skin’s hygiene

Thanks for reading! Hope this article has helped you with the question, “does drinking water help acne?”.