Does Vitamin C Help Acne?

Firstly, we have to understand that Vitamin C (contained in multiple fruits like lemon and orange) is an anti-oxidant. Does Vitamin C help acne? Of course! Lemon and orange are fairly used in skin care products, and Vitamin C is actually used, too!

The main feature of Vitamin C intake is reducing and clearing redness in your skin from suffering acne. Acne is a type of infection. After a clogged pore has been infected with bacteria, the body’s reaction results in redness. As the body tries to deal with this infection, redness is likely to remain, and this can cause damage to the skin. Vitamin C reduces redness without interfering with the healing process. How it works is rather simple. The bacteria usually found in clogged pores has the ability to redirect towards the skin the chemicals created in our body to deal with the infection. This is what causes redness in our skin, and this is harmful to it. Vitamin C reduces the production of this chemical to make it less harmful to our skin!

Not only that, but its antibacterial properties when applied on the skin help with cleaning it from impurities.

How much vitamin C we consume will decide whether it brings benefits or not. Long time ago it was considered normal to recommend up to 5,000 mg of vitamin C intake per day, yet, this not recommended. This was due to now understanding how the vitamin works. Experts recommended to improve your vitamin C consumption by consuming natural fruits. Fruits are the ones with the most vitamin C levels and how we absorb it is way better than vitamin C supplements. In fact, experts have claimed that eating up to 1 or 2 oranges/apples a week is enough to sustain the immune system and maintain it healthy. Not only that, but there are some who claimed that drinking a lemon or orange natural juice per week can bring the same benefits.

When it comes to supplements and skin care, taking 100mg a day can be enough to enjoy the benefits.

Also, make sure to not take oxidized vitamin C since it can be harmful to your health.

You can also use vitamin C in the form of treatments, like creams and mixtures. These can be absorbed by the skin and work in a more external way, dealing with the problems in your skin.

It is recommended to try both things along other things since vitamin C alone will not heal your acne problems. Also, don’t think that vitamin C will bring results from night to day. It usually takes some time to bring results, from 10 to 30 days. Remaining consistent and disciplined about it is what decides whether it works or not.

You can also use hand made mixtures using orange and lemon juice to deal with acne. Since they contain strong anti-oxidants and vitamin C, they are a good way to deal with acne when combined with other things like honey and yogurt. Research what kind of mixture would be ideal for your skin type (oily, dry, normal) and being the treatment!

That is it for our article on the question “does Vitamin C help acne?”. Hope you like our post!