Does Vaping Cause Acne?

Acne and vaping are unrelated things which have no effects one to another (although smoking is actually harmful if you suffer acne) yet some have claimed the contrary. Does vaping cause acne? People worry about this before or after starting vaping as a result of trying to leave smoking behind their back. Evidence, along with the fact that they are practically unrelated, suggest that it does not cause acne, but, taking in mind that some have affirmed that sudden acne problems popped out after starting vaping (and some have said that their acne was fixed) may increase people’s concern about the topic.

We have to be open minded about this.

Vaping is a fair new thing in the world and several researches are being realized at the moment trying to understand more about this activity, so a firm “No, it does not cause acne” is still debatable. If we take in mind that people are indeed talking about this, there may be some relation between each other, but experts are firmly denying this possible relation since vaping has no chemicals or components that can cause possible harm to your skin health.

What is vaping?

Vaping is a countermeasure to quit smoking. It simulates the act of smoking without all the harmful side effects of cigarettes. It works by heating a liquid which will produce vapor that will be inhaled by the user. It is usually used with flavored liquid with a wide variety of flavors to choose from.

As mentioned earlier, the side effects of vaping and its prolonged usage are still unknown since it’s still on a very young age, yet, it affirmed by many (both experts and users) to be way healthier than smoking cigarettes.

With this said, cigarettes, along with its many harmful properties, can be harmful for your skin health. In fact, many have claimed that quitting smoking improved their acne problems after a couple of weeks, even less for some, more for others.

After starting vaping and quitting smoking, some people slowly began to see how their acne improved with the passing of time. This is perhaps due to the fact that vaping is not harmful (or at least, not as harmful) as cigarettes, thus the improvement of your acne condition is likely to happen.

For some people (mostly new to the world of vaping) acne worsened around the area of the mouth, but this was due to not handling the device correctly.

This make us thing that it all depends on the person.

Then… What’s the answer?

Since statements vary heavily on each individual, having an open mind set about it would be a wise thing to do. If you want to start vaping to quit smoking, we recommend you to do it since it can bring a beneficial change to your life-style, still, whether it will cause or help with your acne is still debatable. The only way to know this is by starting. If you see results, whether they are favorable or not, you highly recommend you to share this information online.

We also have found out that most people with worsened acne had their symptoms back to normal after a couple of weeks, so being patient is recommended.

Overall, We hope that our post answered the question, “does vaping cause acne? “. Till next time!