Does Progesterone Cause Acne?

Besides regular acne, people often suffer from something that can be more severe if untreated. Something called “Hormonal acne” which is the result of hormonal changes within the body. Two of the most famous hormones (found in both women and men in different levels) are known as Testosterone and Estrogen and next to it, is Progesterone. Does progesterone cause acne? The answer is yes, it can cause hormonal acne. The same with Testosterone and Estrogen. In fact, there are reports about several hormonal treatments such as IUD’s and birth pill controls causing acne in women, summing up other possible side effects such as depression, weight increasement and other ones to mention. But this answer depends a lot of each person since each body is a whole, individual existence working in their own way. There’s no one working the same way other person works, so this is a wise thing to considerate before explaining how can progesterone affect your acne.

Firstly, understand that Progesterone is a beneficial hormone.  It works by regulating blood sugar levels and the menstrual cycle. It also works as a natural regulator to anxiety and depression. It also provides a safe pregnancy cycle, too.

But the thing that you have to consider is that hormones work together with other hormones in order to work properly. In this case, Progesterone affects women more than men, and it works in tune with Estrogen.

How does it work?

A low Progesterone and Estrogen ratio in a woman’s body can cause an excess of insulin levels which results in an excess of Androgens, Testosterone and DHT. DHT is known as Dihydroxy Testosterone which a more potent, stronger version of Testosterone. This hormone is normal in both women and men yet the way it acts is different from each other. In men, it can cause hair loss. In women, is more probably that it causes acne.

Now, DHT is normally unregulated when one is going through puberty, but is possible to suffer from it when the person is older.

DHT can over stimulate sebaceous glands into producing more oil than necessary. As we known, acne is produced by a bacterium that infects clogged pores when obstruction is caused by debris (such as dead skin cells, dirt and other things) and an excess of the natural oil used to moisturize our skin. Not only that, but hormonal acne can be way more severe if cystic acne is developed, which causes pain and inflammation.

DHT also reduces your natural elastin production which decides the level of elasticity of your skin. Low elastin levels lead to unhealthy skin and can cause infection if cracks are caused.

In summary.

Progesterone has to work in tune with the other hormones in order to work properly without causing harmful effects in your skin health. If you are a teenager, acne is quite normal and you shouldn’t worry about it too much. If you are an adult or young adult struggling with hormonal acne, there are several solutions out there (including natural vitamins for acne such as Acnetame) which can help you control it. Acnetame works wonders for younger people too and it has no harmful side effects whatsoever!

Thanks for reading! Hope this article has helped you with the question, “does progesterone cause acne?”.