Does Drinking Lemon Water Help With Acne?

Lemon is a well-known fruit used by many to deal with acne problems, yet, does drinking lemon water help with acne? Many have affirmed that it can help yet the amount of people whom have tried lemon infused water claimed that it didn’t bring results as expected. Some even said that they felt that their skin was even worse! In fact, lemon is mostly used as a skin care product, added to mixtures which are capable of dealing with acne thanks to the high levels of acidity within the juice.

How to get the most out of lemon juice

Acne comes by the obstruction and infection of pores thanks to dirt, sebum and excessive oil caused by sebaceous glands, oil which is mostly segregated to maintain your skin moisturized. This oil is usually over produced when pores are opened, then dead skin cells, dirt and oil turn into acne. Bacteria can also cause acne thanks to the mentioned factors. Clogged pores tend to get infected, and swollen is followed as a reaction to deal with the problem.  The intensity of the acne will depend on the person, and some hormonal features will decide whether they will heal on its own or with treatment.

Lemon juice (applied in the skin) can be helpful when dealing with acne thanks to its acidic properties. Take in mind that most skin care products have their own level of acidity, yet mostly none of them have the same strength of lemon juice, thus applying lemon juice (even when combine with a hand made mixture) is only recommended once in a while. It can be harsh to your skin if applied constantly!

How it works:

  • It removes excess oil from your skin: this is a true fact, yet it can also remove natural oils produced by your skin which are crucial to maintain it moisturized, thus turning your skin dry and causing an excessive oil production. It’s important to maintain a balanced level of oil in your skin.
  • It kills bacteria: Yes. Infection by bacteria during oil segregation process is fairly common when pores become clogged. Lemon juice can deal with this infection then help the healing process, yet, if used excessively, it will kill good bacteria as well, which are naturally produced by your skin, bacteria that is known for improving your skin’s defense against other bacteria.
  • It contains vitamin C: vitamin C is well known for being crucial to our skin health, yet there are better solutions when it comes to increasing the vitamin C in your body since you can find it in supplements with no harsh effects to your stomach.

In regards of drinking lemon water/lemon juice to treat acne, there are better solutions out there that will cause minimal to 0 harms to your stomach. Lemon juice, if drank in excess amount, can lead to serious stomach problems and is not recommended. Still, some people tend to infuse water with lemon and let it rest overnight to let the water absorb its properties, then drink it from time to time, and they have claimed that it has helped in their process of dealing with acne. It’s up to you to decided what to try!

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