Does Drinking Alcohol Help Acne?

This is rather a controversial topic to discuss, considering that some have claimed that alcohol can help with inflammation. But, does drinking alcohol help acne? The answer to this is no, it won’t help with acne. In fact, it can worsen it if the alcohol consumption is excessive.  Now, we are going to explain how it works.

Apparently, and old way to deal with acne was drinking alcohol (along sulfur) to apparently heal the skin condition. This is too archaic to be used nowadays, considering the methods out there to deal with acne.

But, alcohol can worsen your acne. To explain how it can worsen your acne condition, we have to explain a little on how acne works.

Acne is created when sebaceous glands in the skin release too much oil, obstructing the pores along dead skin cells and debris or dirt. When there are clogged pores, sebum is created inside the pore and bacteria well known for being found in the skin, feeds on the sebum and infects the area. This is what acne is. The redness around pimples caused by acne is the way the body deals with the infection.

Now, hormones can affect our acne in several ways. Known hormones that influence acne breakouts are Testosterone and Estrogen. When Testosterone levels rise, it causes several reactions within the body which lead to an increase in the oil production levels. The more oil is created, the more chances there are to suffer from acne.

Some cases where hormones cause acne breakouts can be found in teenagers. When we are going through puberty our hormones work differently. They can turn quite overpowering and this leads to teenagers suffering from acne. Some have claimed that masturbation itself during puberty can cause acne breakouts due the fact that orgasms and ejaculation increase Estrogen levels! During masturbation, Testosterone levels are increased, too!

Interesting, right? Now, how can we link alcohol to this?

Excessive alcohol consumption may cause an alteration in your hormone levels. As mentioned earlier, imbalances in Estrogen and Testosterone levels can cause acne breakouts. In fact, it can cause a worsened version of acne which is known as hormonal acne, which is harder to deal with. Also, stress is one of the main reasons behind hormonal imbalances, and drinking alcohol and stress are heavily related since one usually drinks alcohol to deal with stress. Combining stress, alcohol and acne is a bad idea.

Also, alcohol is known for reducing the effectiveness of the immune system. As acne is caused by infection and not having the proper defenses to deal with that infection, one can expect that alcohol can enhance the chances of one suffering from acne.

Sugar, too, is related to acne, and sugar levels can be increased when drinking alcohol (like wine). Sugar increase can cause insulin levels to increase, and insulin is heavily connected to acne.

Inflammation can be reduced by alcohol like wine. In some cases, wine can reduce redness and inflammation cause by acne, yet, it all depends on the person.

That is it for our article on the question “does drinking alcohol help acne?”. Hope you like our post!