Do Acne Scars Go Away Naturally?

Acne scars, for some, have become a stressful problem. Watching your scars everyday on the mirror as you wake up is something that can be considered threatening to your mental health and self-confidence. There are many sufferings from this and I’m sure they wonder: Do acne scars go away naturally? The answer to this question is… Yes and no.

This depends heavily on what type of acne scars you have, how deep they are, the time you’ve had them and your own skin. Some people have claimed that leaving a scar alone is the best way to heal it (or at least improve how it looks) and make emphasis in the lines: “Patience beats desperation”

 Some people have had results in waiting patiently for acne scars to disappear on their own, yet,others have claimed that scars won’t disappear over time.

There are several treatments out there which can help your skin deal with scars or at least make them look better, yet these treatments results will vary on each individual. Sadly, in rare occasions, these treatments ended up resulting in harmful side effects.

If you are wondering whether your scars will heal naturally or not without spending too much money on expensive treatments or undergoing harsh treatments, the answer may be hard to swallow: No one knows.

 As time passes by, you’ll surely notice some changes in your scars, yet, in most cases, they will never heal completely. They will probably improve their looks and look less scary, but the tissue which was damaged in the skin will never heal to like it was before, no matter which treatment you decide to take or how much time you wait.

But wait!There’s no need to fall into despair! In lots of cases, acne scars weren’t completely healed, but looked way better over the time. This made people feel better with themselves. More secure and self-confident.

Of course, there are some things you can do to improve the healing speed of your scars (Of course, without undergoing scary and expensive treatments that may cause harm to your skin)

  • Aloe Vera: Applying Aloe Vera paste to your skin will increase its healing properties and boost its healing speed. It’s also very gentle with the skin and is recommended for all types of skins including sensitive skin.
  • Coconut oil: It works pretty similar to Aloe Vera. It boosts the skin’s healing capabilities and it’s also good to clean the skin.
  • Cucumber:It’s a good option to prevent skin acne, reduce inflammation and moisturize the skin. It’s rich content in vitamin A and C helps the skin heal faster.
  • Lemon:Thanks to its high vitamin C levels, it helps fade skin marks and heal scars.It also helps get rid of excess oil and maintain your pores clean from sebum and infection. Be careful of applying lemon juice to you face when after taking some sunlight, since it can damage your skin. Also, don’t overly use it since it can cause harm to your skin.

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