Do Acne Scars Fade Away Over Time?

For some people, acne becomes something much worse when scars are left behind. But, going right down to business we answer the next question: Do acne scars fade away over time? Acne scars actually heal, yet not completely. You have to understand that, in some cases, the damaged received by the skin remains. Of course, the visually part of the skin can be treated and improved, and depending on the process, cured! However, having the right mindset and the discipline to go under treatment to solve this problem is a must, since the whole process can take several weeks to months to show results. It also depends on the kind of treatment you decide to go for, products, your skin and the discipline and effort you put to it. There are several ways to deal with scarring online, including some more complex ways to deal with it, but we are going to share the ones we found more acceptable. Also, Being careful enough is a plus which can decide whether you heal smoothly or not, so pay attention!

Most of the time acne scars are born from picking or popping pimples. These two things are the ones that you must not do if you want to avoid scarring. We know that, in several cases, even when being way too careful, scarring still occurs. What people don’t know is that doing nothing is still harmful. Having a proper skin care routine can be the key to avoid scarring, thus, preventing them and dealing with your acne with skin-care products is highly recommended. Also, spending too much time under the sun while going through acne is a no-no! This can heavily worsen your acne and cause scars and dark marks!

How to deal with acne scars.

Firstly, take in mind that acne and scars are completely different things, leading to different process of healing. Scars are much more difficult to heal since they are the consequences of a damaged skin while having acne (mostly in result of picking or touching pimples)

If untreated, scars can remain in your skin forever! But gladly, there are several ways to deal with them.

Let’s narrow down the things you can do to treat them for real:

  1. Visit a dermatologist: having an expert’s guidance during the process is something that always comes in handy. Take in mind that each individual has a type of skin with a huge amount of differences. This can lead to different procedures, products, treatments and times of healing. A dermatologist can lead you through the process both wisely and correctly, so visiting a dermatologist to understand which treatment is best for you is highly recommended, including the fact that you will probably see better results. In some cases, lasers, steroid injections and dermal fillers can be used.
  2. Some people have claimed that honey can do wonders to your skin. It does not only help you with your acne, but it can help you reduce the impact scars have in your skin. Take in note that the recommended way to use honey is by using it at night, like most ointments, oils and pomades. The reason behind this is because your body works on a different way while you sleep, and healing processes are actually enhanced at this time of the day. Applying it while you sleep will significantly increase its effects!
  3. Ointments and homemade mixtures are the way to go according to many people. If we had to share with you the several amount of creams, oils and mixtures people used, there would be no end, so researching them by yourself would be wiser. These includes things like coconut oil, apple juice, oath and milk mixtures, and much more.

Hope our article answers your question, “do acne scars fade away over time?”. Hope it helps a lot.