Cause of Acne on the Cheeks

Acne can be caused by several factors. Although a hormonal unbalance, also known as hormonal fluctuations, are the main reason behind acne, there are some external factors which can cause acne. Some of then be the cause of acne on the cheeks, or even worsen facial acne. Such external factors can be avoided to improve our skin health and reduce the risk of us suffering from acne, but hormonal fluctuations are hard to come by, so it depends heavily on the person and how severe the case is.

With this said, we should first talk about how acne is created in order to understand why some things can worsen or even cause acne.

Acne is caused due an excessive amount of oil produced by our sebaceous glands. This oil, along debris such as dirt and dead skill cells, obstruct the pores and clog them, thus creating sebum. This is what causes acne, and the reason behind hormonal unbalance causing acne is due the fact that how much oil we produce is controlled by our hormones. During puberty, our hormones are unbalanced in a way that makes our body create an excessive amount of oil which causes acne.

During adulthood, some people still suffer from this type of acne. And this is worsened if you don’t take care of your skin health.

Mistakes and causes of acne on the cheeks

Some mistakes that people commit that can worsen their acne, and even cause acne in certain areas, is constantly touching your face with your hands. Our hands are probably the part which is most infected by bacteria since we are constantly touching things around us. We use our hands for almost everything, thus bacteria are likely to stick to them, along dirt and debris. When we constantly touch our face with them, we are increasing our chances of suffering from acne by infecting or clogging the pores in our skin.

Other thing which can cause acne in the cheeks is our blankets, pillowcases and phone or phone cases. If they are dirty, or you constantly stick your phone to your cheeks, you increase the chances of suffering from acne. This is similar to touching your face with your hands, but if you make your cheeks sweat too much while you use your phone, you increase the chances of an acne breakout.

Now, another thing that people don’t consider which can cause acne in certain areas, including the cheeks, is using an inadequate skin care product. People tend to use a product which doesn’t fit their needs, like using oil-based products when they have oily skin. If you are likely to suffer from acne after using a skin care product, you should change it for something else.

To start avoiding this, what people do is clean their faces in a regular basis. Clean their pillow, blankets and phone cases regularly using anti-bacterial and engaging themselves in healthier and more hygienic life-stale changes. If you stick to them, and you are not suffering from a heavy hormonal acne, you may greatly reduce the risk of an acne breakout.

Hope our article on the “cause of acne on the cheeks” helped you a lot. Till next time!