Can Vitamin C Cause Acne?

Vitamins are known for helping many processes of the body, and they can also affect how acne affects us… But what about Vitamin C? Can Vitamin C cause acne? In theory, and according to several experts and websites, Vitamin C can actually help you deal with acne, but in some rare cases, but really rare cases, it might worsen it or cause it.

There are things you should consider when it comes Vitamins. Vitamins are not only present through supplementation but also from foods and fruits. There may be a case in where a type of food or fruit which you eat, and happens to have Vitamin C in its components, causes you acne. Also, a supplementation may cause acne, but this is not due to Vitamin C itself, but the fact that your stomach is not handling the food or supplementation properly. This can happen not only to food or supplementations containing Vitamin C, but with all types of food and supplementations. With this said, as the stomach tries to deal with the vitamins, minerals and proteins from such foods, or with the things provided from the supplementation, it will then try to expulse these components that were not absorbed properly. Acne will come by as a sign of this. If you start suffering from acne after eating something, or right after you started some sort of treatment or supplementation, consider this and experiment if this may be the cause of your acne.

When it comes to Vitamins, including Vitamin C, they are actually good for your body, either taken from supplementation or by food, and they can help you with acne. Acne is a problem that is caused internally, through hormones, and externally, through bad hygiene and external factors that might influence our skin into becoming more prone to developing acne.

How does Vitamin C affect the skin and acne.

The way vitamin C can affect acne is by reducing redness around the affected area. This redness is the result of inflammation, which is the natural response of the body while it deals with the infection causing acne. Now, this is when we are talking about consumed vitamin C, which can be found naturally and by supplementation.

But Vitamin C is also used in skin-care products. In fact, vitamin C can be applied in the skin through fruit juice such as lemon juice. Vitamin  C is an strong anti-oxidant and it can help clear the skin by dealing with the bacteria causing infection. That is why many skin-care products use it as a component, because of its capability to deal with these bacteria. Although it can be pretty harmful to the skin if used from lemon juice, since it can dry the skin up if used incorrectly, when used along other products, like yogurt and honey, this is no longer a threat.

Thus, Vitamin C won’t cause acne or worse your acne at all. It can actually help you deal with it, and if you think vitamin C is causing you acne, you should consider visiting an expert.

Overall, We hope that our post answered the question, “can Vitamin C cause acne?”. Till next time!