Best Acne Vitamins

Some people claim that one way to fight acne is through Vitamins. Since acne is usually caused by internal factors and hormonal problems, vitamins may be a good addition to counter-measures against acne, so we share the best acne vitamins you can add to your diet (or through supplementation) to help you deal with your acne problems.

People think that acne is only a thing that affects teenager, but in fact, acne actually affects more adults than people think. Around 40 to 50% adults suffer from mild acne, and this can be caused by external factors, environmental factors and internal factors. Stuff like how properly we clean our skin, how often we are exposed to heat and sweat and how balanced our diet and hormones are, can decided how acne affects our body.

Vitamins can help us fight acne from the inside. Some supplementations can even help us maintain a balance between our hormones, but that is only recommended when we suffer from a severe case of acne.

With this said, we are going to review the best acne vitamins you can add to your system in order to fight properly deal with acne.

NOTE: Take in consideration that these Vitamins are meant to help you through the process, and in most cases, won’t completely heal your acne. You should add them along other things like skin-care products to deal with acne properly. There are several things you can do to reduce the risk of you suffering from acne, and if your acne is too severe, you should consider visiting an expert.

Vitamins that can help you fighting acne.

  • Vitamin A.

Probably the most famous one, vitamin A has anti-oxidant properties which are great to deal with infection by bacteria. It also reduces our chances of suffering from acne by helping us shed dead-skin cells, which are the ones that usually clog pores along debris, dirt and excessive oil produced from our sebaceous glands. It can boost our immune system, and add some nice benefits to our vision and blood cells production.

  • Zinc

Zinc works similarly to Vitamin A since it also has anti-oxidant properties, but it adds benefits to our brain health, reproductive system and immune system. Apparently, it can also reduce our natural oil production when we are under stress, and stress is a known cause of acne in some people. Zinc also is great if you are consuming other vitamins and supplementation since it boosts our metabolism, helping us deal with them better.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is probably the best anti-oxidant there is. It also boosts our collagen production which is responsible of our skin’s structure and flexibility. Some people claim that Vitamin C is better applied on the skin than taken via supplementation when we want to deal with acne, and many skin-care products use this complement to deal with acne.

Some people like to take multivitamin supplements to properly boost their body’s capability to not only deal with acne, but other problems. This is a wise decision since is the best way to add multiple benefits to our health at the same time.

This is the wrap up of our article on “best acne vitamins”. Hope our article helped you chose the best. Thanks!