Best Acne Soap

Having the best acne soap can be as useful as having a nice cream, exfoliant and pills. Hygiene is often ignored when it comes to acne, and what people don’t know is that having a nice skin hygiene actually reduces the chance of suffering from acne, both in your face and your body. With this said, we bring the best acne soap you can find and how to properly take advantage of it. But firstly, consider that, usually, an acne soap can help but, in most cases, it won’t be enough to deal with your acne. If your acne is severe, it may be related to hormonal problems, and in cases like that, treatment may be necessary. But when acne is worsened by external factors such as a bad hygiene, you can make it work and improve your skin’s health.

With this said, let’s overview some things you have to consider before relying on an acne soap.

Acne is only caused when skin pores are clogged with excessive oil produce by our skin and debris, dirt or dead skin cells, or all of them at the same time. But it most cases, acne is mostly caused by internal factors such as a hormonal unbalance. A soap, of course, won’t be able to fix this, but it can help from the outside. Some things like certain cosmetics and stress can cause acne too, thus we recommend checking if your foundations are causing acne or if you are suffering from too much stress. Also, diet can affect your acne, too.

We recommend you to engage in some life-style changes which will definitely make it easier for you to get rid of acne, like drinking more water, sleeping more, doing exercises from time to time to get rid of stress and making some diet changes like eliminating oily food from your food (don’t have to cut them for sure, but at least reduce its consumption)

Also, before deciding which acne soap to get, you have to first understand your skin type: it is oily? It is a dry skin? After deciding, you may choose a skin soap.

Best acne soap.

  • Misumi Blemish Clear Body Wash

This is considered one of the favorites out there. It’s a liquid soap that provides a powerful anti-acne component which gets rid of acne and prevents acne breakouts. It focus on treating the problem rather than the symptom itself. It uses a combination of powerful components known as salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid which are great to unclog pores and prevent bacteria from wandering around your skin. It’s also great to deal with redness and irritation without causing the skin to get too dry.

It’s also great if you are looking for a fast solution, but if you are allergic to salicylic, glycolic and lactic acid, you should look for another option. Also, if you suffer from dry skin, use it with moderation.

  • Exposed Body Wash for Acne

This is another option for those with a more sensitive skin. It doesn’t have salicylic acid in its components, but has a little bit of glycolic acid, yet has soothing components such as tea tree oil which is great for dry skin.

Hope you have found this article helpful on the “best acne soap”. See ya later!