Best Acne Pads

Acne pads are known among many as one of the cheapest ways to deal with acne, but can also be the worse and most unreliable method to fight acne out there… If you are not using the right one, thus, we are going to help you picking the best acne pads you could choose to fight acne.

Acne pads are similar to over-the-counter treatments and skin-care products… You should do your research before picking one randomly. We all have different types of skin and the way these products will work against our acne problems will differ heavily between each individual and their own singular circumstances. With this said, you should aim to pick the best acne pads you can use for your type of acne. You should also consider if your acne is too severe to rely on acne pads since they are usually ineffective in most cases.

Now that we have taken that out of the way, there are some things you should consider before buying acne pads:

  • It has to contain 45% of alcohol. Apparently, less or more than that will stimulate our oil production, thus increase sebum, causing infection then acne. A 45% grade of alcohol if the most appropriate to deal with the acne causing bacteria resting in our skin.
  • Some pads can exfoliate our skin, which is great to open up the pores, clean them, unclog them and keep our skin smooth and cleansed. Thing is, it has to contain the right amount of pH and the right ingredients to do so.
  • If you suffer from dry skin, using just any type of acne pads can be harmful to your skin. Over drying can make your skin more prone to suffering from acne, thus, if you want to buy acne pads and you suffer from dry skin, you should aim to look for those containing AHAs.

Finding a good acne pad can be difficult, but considering how cheap they are the adventure might be worth it for some. Yet, when it comes to it, they are not the holy grail of skin-care products, meaning that they may not be effective. Having the right mind set when it comes to inexpensive products might be a wise thing to do in order to avoid disappointed, yet, considering how cheap they can be, the risk is almost in existent, with a bag of acne pads going around $10.

The most recommended acne pad out there is known as:

  • Clearasil Acne Fighting Wipes: it contains the right amount of pH to open up the pores and salicylic acid to cleanse your skin from bacteria, sebum and debris without being harmful, and alcohol to deal with make up if you are prone to use it. It also costs around $5.09/32 ounces, which is really cheap. It is also claimed as one of the best (if not the best) acne pads out there. You only have to be careful around the area of your eyes since they can be harmful if you are not careful enough.

Hope our article on the the “best acne pads” helped you a lot. Till next time!