Best Acne Body Wash

Acne does not only target our faces, that’s a fact. And sometimes, this can be really awkward. Imagine yourself visiting a pool, beach or a special event. You may be in need of a way to get rid of those pimples ruining your figure, so we help you with this article, and bring you the best acne body wash you can find. If you are willing to make some life-style changes, and get some products to get rid of acne problems around your shoulders, chest, back and butt, this post is for you!

Firstly, we all know that acne is caused by clogged pores. This is mostly caused by an excessive production of oil from our sebaceous glands, which are the ones naturally moisturizing our skin. But what people usually ignore is the fact that having bad hygienic habits can also make our skin more prone to suffering from acne.

Stuff like dirty, debris and dead skin-cells are the ones which, along excessive oil, clog our pores. How do we get rid of these components? With a nice cleaning! After sweating from doing exercises or having a rough day at work. Making sure to clean properly. Using the right product. These are some things you can do in order to reduce the chances of your skin from suffering an acne breakout. And not only in your face area, but also in all your body!

With this said, having the right product is really important. All skins work differently and have different features, but in most cases, all skins would get healthier if you use the right product. When we talk about our faces, which is more sensitive than our body’s skin, we have to consider whether to use a skin care product for oily skin or dry skin, but for our body, we only need a nice soap or a nice body wash, thus, we bring the best acne body wash!

  • Mario Badescu’s A.H.A Botanical Body Soap

This liquid soap is perfect as both a soap and exfoliant. It exfoliates the skin and prevents acne from breaking out. It’s also great to smooth irritated areas and, according to users, is perfect for acne on the back, or bacne as some people refer to it. Some claimed that results were fast to come by, only days after using the body soap on a daily basis! It’s also really cheap, costing around $8

  • Proactiv

This one is probably famous between many people. It’s also designed to get rid of pimples and blackheads, which is really nice if you suffer from blackheads in shoulders, back, chest and booty. Sadly, this product is more expensive than the first one, costing around $35 per bottle.

  • Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash

This body wash is perfect to get rid and avoid pimples since one of its components is salicylic acid, which is great to clean out clogged pores and get rid of annoying bacteria. It’s also great to smooth and moisturize the skin since it also has eucalyptus and tea tree extract in its components! The price goes around $38!

You can also investigate for bath soaps which contain charcoal, and use exfoliants and skin-care products along these body wash to increase their effectiveness!

Hope you learn something from my article “best acne body wash”. See you later!