Best Acne Antibiotics

Antibiotics are one of many ways to deal with acne and they are actually used by some, even though they are not as commonly used as other methods. With this said, there are people who don’t know how to use them or which antibiotic to use, so we bring you a list of the best acne antibiotics and how they work, how to use them and in which way they can help you fight acne.

As we mentioned earlier, people usually don’t tend to use antibiotics as a countermeasure against acne. It is not that common and this might worry some people, regarding on how do they affect the body and in which way antibiotics help fight acne. Questions are meant to be answered, so we are going to talk a little bit about it.

Acne is actually an infection caused by bacteria residing in our skin. This bacterium is normally harmless, yet when some requirements are meet, it’s the one causing acne. Acne is originated when there are clogged pores in the skin. Pores get clogged mostly by an excessive oil production from our sebaceous glands, the ones which produce natural oil to keep our skin moisturized. This excessive oil, along other factors such as dirt, debris and dead skin cells, are the one clogging pores. Stuff like cosmetics and skin-care products not compatible to your skin can contribute to this happening, too. When a pore is clogged, sebum is created, and the bacteria in our skin uses it as food then becomes harmful to our skin by releasing toxins which cause infection and redness.

Antibiotics and acne.

Antibiotics help us reduce and seize these bacteria, thus reducing the risks of us suffering from acne. It also helps us deal with redness and inflammation, a natural response from the body while it deals with infection.

The most used antibiotic in the market are usually the next ones:

Tetracycline: although is the most used and sold antibiotic in the market against acne, it isn’t the best.  This antibiotic has to be taken on an empty stomach and cannot be taken by women during their pregnancy. This can be hard to come by for some people, specially by youngsters who are constantly eating. The recommended dose for this antibiotic is 250mg, twice a day.

Erythromycin: This one is probably less commonly used than the already mentioned Tetracycline, yet it is common among people, and according to reviews, is far better. It can be taken even after you have already eaten and women during pregnancy can take it, too, expecting some mild side effects which are not life.

There are other antibiotics with similar effects and drawbacks such as Minocycline and Doxycycline, but before choosing which one to use you should certainly research for it with an expert. If you don’t want to use antibiotics to deal with acne, there are many ways to deal with it such as skin-care products, special soaps and body wash, supplementations and diet changes. You can always look for the method that suits you the most.

This the conclusion of our article on the “best acne antibiotics”. Hope we helped you choose the best!