Best Acne and Pimple Cream

Creams are one of many types to fight acne, and as a skin-care product, they can be pretty effective in both dealing with acne, pimples and inflammation along improving our skin’s health. With this said, we will share some of the best acne and pimple cream we have found online that works wonders for acne prone skin.

Acne can be caused by both internal and external factors, being the most common one an excessive amount of oil found in the area of the skin. This clogs pores out and causes infection, leading to acne. The intensity of the acne depends heavily on each individual, and some people require other types of treatments than others, depending on their own skin. To summarize, there are three types of skin other than regular skin, which are oily skin, dry skin and sensitive skin. You need to find the best product that suits your skin type so you won’t meet nasty side effects. Worst case scenario: your acne might get worse if you don’t use the right skin-care product.

With this said, we bring some products that might work wonders for you:

This cream is great if you are looking to deal with pimples and white heads. It’s also nice to smooth the skin up, so it’s really nice for dry and sensitive skin. One of the main features of this cream is that it boosts collagen production and improves the healing process of the skin to reduce the likelihood of an acne scar appearing. This is great since acne scars are pretty scary if they come out deep.

  • Glyco 6 Glycolic Acid Cream

This cream contains 6% of glycolic acid, a common component in skin-care products meant to deal with acne. The main feature of this cream is that it helps lightening the skin while dealing with acne scars. It can also be used to exfoliate the skin and clean the pores from any types of dirt, debris, dead-skin cells and sebum that might cause the pores to clog and become infected. By constantly using this cream, you’ll make your face less likely to suffer from breakouts. This one is perfect for oily skin yet shouldn’t be used by people with sensitive skin.

There are other types of creams that you can make by yourself if you want to enjoy the benefits of an acne cream without spending too much on it. Also, some people like to do things at home and this is certainly an option.

If you suffer from oily skin, you can try a charcoal mask which is great to exfoliate the skin, reduce the excessive amount of oil in the skin and deal with impurities swelling around your skin and pores. If you suffer from sensitive and dry skin, you can try a honey and yogurt mask, which is great to revitalize the skin, keep it smooth and moisturized and reduce pimples and acne from your face without harming or drying your skin, making it more sensitive to external and environmental factors. There are different ways to make these masks, so you should aim to try the method with suits your likes the most.

That’s it for our article about the “best acne and pimple creams”. Let us know if it helped.